Creations And Compositions.

International career as a composer, author, writer, screenwriter, playwright, versionist, arranger (of own projects and productions), and other activities of an authorial nature (*Books; Theatrical and musical plays; Projects, productions and musical and artistic shows; Projects and productions for cinema, video, TV and internet).

Musical And Artistic Projects.

Music producer and artistic director, of his own projects and productions.

Audio Recording And Post-production.

Recording, mixing and mastering engineer for own projects and productions.

Show Business.

Businessman and phonographic, literary, theatrical, audiovisual and cinematographic producer, of his own projects and productions.

Photography, Cinema and Performing Arts.

Audiovisual, cinema (filmmaker), photography and theater director, with his own projects and productions.

Artistic Entrepreneurship.

Artistic entrepreneur, with his own projects, productions and events.

Music, Groove, Arts And The Like.

International career as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, back-vocalist, chorus singer, DJ, sample, loop and synthesizer programmer, conductor, conductor, actor, voice actor, narrator, dancer, choreographer, audio and video editor, etc.

Ministry of Music and Arts.

Minister of Music and Arts (Always helping local churches).

Lectures and special events.

Speaker at own events.

Financial market.

Financial investor, active in stock markets or other investments regularly.

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